The Sills

A couple of weekends ago, I joined The Sills for their very first photo shoot. They had just recorded a CD and were working on the finishing touches – such as photographs for their cover and booklet. The photo shoot was done by a professional photographer, and I enjoyed having a chance to watch her, while also taking some pictures of my own.

The photo shoot took place at a farm in the beautiful WI countryside, just a few miles outside of Madison and it was windy enough for hair, jackets and hats to fly everywhere!

The Sills (from left to right): Chris (banjo), Henrietta (upright bass), Jim (guitar), Claire (vocals), Dave (drums) and Blair (guitar & vocals).

One of the settings: the old barn. We all agreed it would make a  wonderful space for coffee shop (of course there would be regular live concerts with The Sills!).

Dave playing the Conga.

Two natural talents :) What a fun day it was!! The Sills are playing at Mother Fools on 4/28 (7 p.m.) and at the Brink Lounge on 5/27 (check Wurst Times schedule). If you’re in Madison, it would be great to see you there!

photos by Lisa 

2 thoughts on “The Sills

  1. Mena

    Very nice, Lisa. The black and white is so much nicer than color. I’m going to look out for the band now. They look interesting, bet I’d like the music.

    1. Lisa Post author

      Mena! Thank you so much for visiting! Yes, I think you’d really like the Sills! They are talented musicians and I enjoy their music a lot. Glad you liked the photos, too :)


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