The Sills at RAW

One of the things I love about Madison is the vast cultural scene we’re surrounded by (especially in the area of music). Without it, the city could feel very small, very quickly. But thanks to the many talented bands and artists, there is always something going on. Two weeks ago Dave’s band, The Sills, played at Segredo, a night club here in Madison, and I’ve been planning to put these photos up ever since!  (unfortunately they turned out a little blurry – I need to learn how to use my camera in darker settings).

The event, organized by RAW:natural born artists and Segredo, was packed with amazing musicians, dancers and a variety of other artists, who were displaying their work. For “The Sills” it was the first time to play in front of a larger crowd and seeing them perform on a bigger stage was a real treat!

“The Sills” released their first album in April and you can download it here for FREE! Below, also two video recordings of their performances last November and this April. I hope you’ll enjoy their music just as much as I do!

Fun fact: did you know the band Garbage was formed in Madison? When I first moved here, I lived only two blocks away from the “Smart Studios”, where bands such as Garbage, The Smashing Pumpkins, Death Cab for Cutie and Nirvana (“Polly” on Nevermind) once recorded their albums. Unfortunately, Smart Studios closed in 2010, but it continues to maintain a website, that invites you to tour the former studio virtually. Just turn the upper radio knob to “Facilities” (it’s a cool website!)

What looks like a shabby corner complex used to be Madison’s most famous recording studio! The orange building next to it is EVP, the coffee shop I worked for, when I first moved to the U.S. in 2005).

photos very top: {joycreation}, photo very bottom: Dane101

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