Weekly Joy Feed

Happy Friday, everyone! We just got back from a fun day at the Union Terrace, where we met up with our friends to watch the soccer game (Germany vs. Greece) and enjoyed raspberry swirl ice cream, cool beer and live music, too. It’s been a fun day :)

What are your plans for the weekend? I want to work on a new series for joycreation that I plan to launch next week – fingers crossed! I hope you’ll like it! Also, I can’t wait to catch up on this week’s blog posts!

Today’s round-up includes (but is not limited to) some new blogs I’ve come across recently. Wishing you a lovely weekend and thanks so much for your sweet comments this week – they always make my day!

The Pli Postal – fold, stamp and mail.

Wonderland Cakes!!

A great way to keep up with your favorite blogs: Feedly!

A pastry boutique too good to miss!

Toddler Fashion: Retro Cute

Photoplay! A great website for kids and adults alike!

21 Dates of Summer – love this idea!

Vanilla Cream Pies w/Summer Berries – yumm!

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