Note to Self: Don’t Post When Sick

I have decided to take down the previous two posts, because I wasn’t happy with how they sounded. I’ll refine them a little more once I feel better.

The fact is: I’ve been sick all week, yet pushing myself hard, trying to keep up with all my commitments (such as attending classes, finishing up assignments, keeping up with blog posts, etc.), but today I’ve reached a breaking point. I’m REALLY sick.

I was supposed to participate in the Happiness link-up with Erin and Rita today, but will have to postpone until I feel better. Do make sure to read their posts – both are thought-evoking and such great reads! You can find Erin’s post here, and Rita’s here. Also, if you would like to join the link-up, please do! I’m signing off for this week and wish you a great weekend!

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