Food and Happiness

I just devoured a large bowl of salad. Healthy, you think? Well, this hasn’t been my daily kind of lunch. Over the past months peanut butter & jelly sandwiches have become much more the norm. They’re fast, they’re delicious. They’re addictive. And as luck will have it, a Chocolaterian just opened a two-block jump away from our home.  A charming cafe and pastry shop with a vibe of the movie “Chocolat”. I don’t exaggerate when I claim that they offer some of the best pastries I’ve ever eaten.

On the three minute walk there you pass Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier (Food Network award winner 2010 of “the best little box of chocolates) as well as four restaurants (all of which come with their very own temptations). Yes, we are lucky residents (and regular visitors of all of these places).

That said (and as ridiculous as this may sound) I’m starting to miss my lettuce. This past summer I went on a rather extreme diet change to test how certain foods made me feel. I avoided sugar, gluten, dairy, and even caffeine! While the first days were tough, it only took three until I didn’t crave any of these ingredients. An article that laid out the effects that sugar may have on our bodies, did the rest. I began researching yummy foods that fell under the gluten-dairy-sugar-caffeine free category and stuck with them for about two months. That is, until the exceptions began…

The memories of this short-lived lifestyle change have stuck with me, most of all, because I felt so much more energetic. And happier! So last night, as I was munching on the last pieces of smooth chocolate and caramel tarts bought from our beloved new friend, I made a promise to be healthier. A promise to make the sweets, not the legumes, an exception. To be more mindful of how certain foods make me feel. To ensure my body gets the energy it needs in order to tackle all the exciting projects that 2013 has in store.

How about you? Do you pay attention to what you eat? Have you noticed a difference in how certain foods make you feel? I’d love to know!

P.S. Speaking of projects for 2013: I’m currently looking for creative female business owners (or soon-to-be entrepreneurs) who are interested in participating in my new podcast series, which will launch in January. If you are interested in an interview, please contact me.

Also, I wanted to welcome Sandra, who joined the group of sponsors today. I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m currently working on a ton of changes for Joycreation, and can’t wait to reveal more of my plans soon. But first, I need to finish up this semester!

image via How Sweet It Is

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3 thoughts on “Food and Happiness

  1. Sandra

    I SOOO notice a difference depending upon what I eat. And I’m teaching my daughter to notice the same things.

    This past summer I did give up sugar for a few months and felt great. The first few days were tough but I think it was just as much habit as anything else. You know how people who used to smoke get tempted when they are having a drink because the two are so tied together? I’m that way with coffee – but something sweet.

    I’m not rabid about it but we do try and minimize processed foods (easy way to avoid chemicals and HFCS). We eat organic for at least the “dirty dozen” (grapes, berries, lettuce, etc) and natural/organic meat.

    A BIG difference I’ve noticed lately is getting enough liquids – if I drink a few glasses of water during the day I feel MUCH better. And it only takes a few – not that 8 glasses or whatever is recommended.

    So, yes, if I am aware of what I am eating and also added to that, if I “move” (at least walk a half hour), I feel SO much better!

  2. Christie Jones

    I’m definitely in the same pb & j boat. Sometimes they just hit the spot [like all the time]. Healthier eating is on my radar and I’ve made some good choice, and some bad. All do impact my creativity.
    I can’t WAIT to see the new changes!

  3. Shoko

    i’ve been trying to be more mindful of what i eat, since i’ve noticed it makes a HUGE difference in how i feel. also, living in new york, it’s so tempting to subsist on all the amazing, decadent foods that are available seemingly everywhere. i try to eat cleanly 75% of the time, and the other 25% i justify as joyful indulgences :)


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