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Happy Colors

Colorful-Loft-by-architect-Jean-Verville-19Colorful-Loft-by-architect-Jean-Verville-1Colorful-Loft-by-architect-Jean-Verville-6Colorful-Loft-by-architect-Jean-Verville-7Colorful-Loft-by-architect-Jean-Verville-9 Colorful-Loft-by-architect-Jean-Verville-15 Colorful-Loft-by-architect-Jean-Verville-21

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend!

I always thought I was a black & white fan, but this Colorful Loft designed by Architect Jean Verville, may just change my mind.  Oh, the floors!

You can find more photos here.

Have a great week!

photos via freshome


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Hygge House

Found on Emma’s Blogg, photos via Dwell.

I’m absolutely in love with this former fishermen’s cottage! It’s located just outside of Copenhagen and was redesigned and turned into a hygge family home. “Hygge” is a Danish expression for “a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary everyday things simply extraordinary; whether it’s using real lights on a Christmas tree or breaking out the good wine when friends come over,” writes Alex over at Hygge House. Doesn’t this expression fit the home perfectly?

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This Week’s Joypick: “Staircase” by Danny Kuo

The Staircase shelving unit by Danny Kuo combines shelves with a pullout stair system in the bottom to easily access the upper shelves.

I’ve lived in tiny spaces throughout my life and love small living design.  As a kid I rearranged my room continuously, using shelves and curtains as room dividers to maximize space and turn one living area into multiple nooks and niches.

When I think back to that time, I remember that my mother and I were always in search for more storage space.  Many of the belongings we held so dear rarely came to use, but the notion persisted that there may come a day, when we would want or need them.  This pattern of holding on to things continued well into my twenties.

In 2005 I moved to the US with two suitcases, leaving everything else behind. Continue reading

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