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Outstanding Tents by FieldCandy

I’m off of work next week, so Dave and I have been playing with (cheap) trip ideas. We’re thinking about going north of Duluth, MN and camp along Lake Superior. How cool would it be to spend the nights in one of these stylish tents by FieldCandy! (I’d like to sleep between the book pages, please.)

There are some amazing water falls along the North Shore of Lake Superior and the landscape up there is supposed to be breathtaking. I’ve never been before. Have you?

The idea of this trip has had us hyped, but due to last week’s severe floodings up North, we may have to go back to the drawing board. We’ll make a decision today.

What are your plans for the summer and what’s your traveling style? Do you prefer a comfy hotel or resort over camping? Would you choose wild nature (I’m a little terrified of the black bears up there), a sandy beach or maybe a culturally rich vacation in the city? I’d love to hear! (I think my perfect vacation would be a combination of all three, including plenty of time! :))

photo source (via Design Like)